Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco Changes Leadership

Running a major business is difficult for anyone to do. There are few people who possess all of the skills required to make a positive difference in a large company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the type of person who has those skills. During his time with Bradesco, he implemented various changes to help improve the company.

Some other leaders at Bradesco decided it would be best if Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went somewhere else. Although he did a good job with the company, he also made some mistakes along the way. With the banking field changing every year, Bradesco needs to act quickly in order to replace him.

Leveraging Technology in Banking

Technology is a vital aspect of running any business according to Investing in new technology is not cheap. In addition, it requires a lot of time to get right. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had the vision to make Bradesco a company with a ton of great technology to offer customers.

Many young customers in Brazil want to use online banking more than traditional banking. These new investments allow customers to use online banking options with Bradesco. Many people believe that this will lead to improved sales in the years ahead.

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Employee Morale

Another area that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wanted to improve at Bradesco was employee morale. When he took over the company, it was quite common for people to leave within a few months of working at the company. Bradesco did not that employees well, and they also paid less than the industry average.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided that he wanted Bradesco to attract some of the best talents in the industry. Over the years, he was able to work hard in order to accomplish this goal.

Not only did he offer more benefits to employees, but he increased pay as well. At first, this came as a surprise to other leaders in the company. It would eventually benefit the company in the form of lower turnover and higher productivity from workers.

Small Business Owners in Brazil

Throughout his time at Bradesco being the CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi always wanted to help small business owners in Brazil. As the Brazilian economy improve, more people are willing to risk money in order to start a company.

However, few people have the cash needed to start a new company. This is why business loans are becoming so popular in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wanted to help small business owners with multiple loan options.

Future Plans for Bradesco

Bradesco is a company that is growing and doing well. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is no longer a part of the leadership team. The company needs to move fast in order to replace him as CEO. There are numerous candidates for the position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did a lot of great things for Bradesco. His leadership is something that many people in the banking industry admire. Some employees miss him being the CEO of the company.


The Growth and Accomplishments of Fabletics in E-Commerce.

The production of the activewear wear has been an emerging field in the fashion industry in the past few years. The clothes are designed to be stylish, fashionable, and quality. They can be worn to sports activities or as casual wear. Most people feel more active and comfortable when wearing them to the gym, when relaxing indoors, in the park, and when taking short walks. Top fashion designers are currently involved in the sector, and their presence has significantly improved the products. Many cloth lines have tried to venture into the business, but they have faced setbacks due to their high cost of their products and lack of design ideas. Fabletics is a top e-commerce website that has been in the industry since 2013. The firm was established by Kate Hudson who is a renowned actor and businessperson. It has been offering activewear that is top notch, affordable, trendy and stylish to women in all parts of the United States. The e-commerce company has been successful in the past three years that it has been in the market since its worth has grown about $250 million.


Kate Hudson and her partner started Fabletics as a standard e-commerce website that focused on offering athleisure wear. The enterprise has grown over the years, and it currently serves millions of subscribers in the United States. Its subscription service enables it to deliver products to its clients every month. Members can also browse the online store to buy clothes that they would like to own. The subscriber that use the company’s products have been increasing every year, and therefore, it has opted to establish physical stores. Fabletic currently owns 16 brick and mortar stores and 12 others will be opened this year. Many market analysts believed that it would be difficult for the company to penetrate the fashion industry since it was controlled by old enterprises such as Amazon. Amazon is one of the pioneer e-commerce giants, and it currently serves about 20 percent of the clients who buy clothes online.


The membership packages that Fabletics offers have made it stand out. It has been ensuring that it understands the needs of the customers to enable it to serve them well. The company asks a few questions that inform it on the preferences of the clients. Fabletics makes high profits because it uses multiple outlets in selling its products. “Reverse showrooming” has also been enabling the company to interact well with it long-term clients hence developing healthy relationships.


Fabletics is committed to ensuring that its customers receive high-quality products. It makes all its clothes stylish and trendy to exceed the needs of the customers. Hudson understands fashion, and she would like every woman in the United States to access the best clothes. Fabletics enables people to own customized activewear products at a cheaper cost than its competitors. Individuals who have registered as members purchase products from the brick and mortar shops stores at a discount. The online platform of the firm is easy to use, and therefore, one can register easily.

Nathaniel Ru Identifies With Fast Food Community But Seeks Alternative Route For Consumers

Nathaniel Ru is a business professional that knows about fast food, and he was also keenly aware of the way that he would change the fast food industry. It is no surprise that Nathaniel Ru has become as successful as he has. Within the last several years he has managed to actually create a buzz about Sweetgreen that has generated more than 98 million in venture capitalist from investors.


Nathaniel Ru has certainly been able to continue his success as a leader in alternatives to greasy and unhealthy food by creating a menu filled with low-calorie vegetables and fruit. It is possible for just about anyone to sell fruit and vegetables. This really doesn’t take a lot of skills. The thing that may makes Nathaniel Ru profitable is his ability to market Sweetgreen as a restaurant chain that is actually combined to make great ingredients into make great meals. There is also the sheer ability of Nathaniel Ru and his team to connect with people in the right way through different areas of technology and social media. Nathaniel did not hesitate to bring forth an app that would lure in the young millennials. He would also be able to connect with young people by creating a music festival that was centered around Sweetgreen and the items that are on the menu. There are even cool trendy meals that are named after songs that are inspired by rappers like Kendrick Lamar.


Nathaniel Ru proved himself to be a very successful entrepreneur that could carve out a whole new way to help people see fast food through the eyes of entrepreneurs that were bringing healthy meals to the table. Even though the menu items that are on the Sweetgreen menu may not look like fast food Nathaniel Ru still identifies his restaurant chain as a fast food stop. The meals are quickly prepared, and the prices are comparable to those that people would get from a fast food menu in a restaurant like Burger King or McDonald’s. The difference is that these fast food restaurants serve things where the core of the menu is based on red meats and heavy calorie fried products. What Nathaniel Ru is doing is taking a leap into what is considered alternative fast food with a number of items that are healthy with low calorie counts. This is something that is changing the lives of his consumers.


Connect with Nathaniel Ru on LinkedIn.

Blessed is the hand that giveth: Meet the DeVos family who gives without flinching

DeVos family has been ranked number 24th position by Forbes in the recent ‘American’s Top Givers.’ The family has contributed in their entirety to over $139 million towards charity activities and other philanthropic activities.


Betsy DeVos, who is currently the U.S secretary of education, has been instrumental in pushing for reforms in education policies to allow parents to take their children to schools of their choices.


Through the family charity foundation, they donated $11.6 million in 2015 towards supporting charities according to their official website.


The family is following the steps of their parents in giving generously. Lead by Dick’s dad with his family, donated $104 million in 2015 which made them the ‘Top givers’ in America.


Dick’s family through their foundation donates towards improving education environment. They support fellow reformist who is seeking education reformation. In 2015, they donated over $3 million towards educational policies and 3% of it went to groups with similar objectives as theirs.


Their main aim is to remove the ZIP code restriction imposed on children’s school choices.


In 2013, Michigan schools benefitted from their generous donations. The beneficiaries were;


  • Compass College of Cinematic Arts who received $50,000
  • Ferris State University in Big Rapids received $100,000
  • West Michigan Aviation school received $315,000
  • Rehoboth Christian School based in New Mexico got $50,000
  • Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning received $25,000
  • Potter’s House in Wyoming got $301,000


Foundation’s data for 2014 financial year didn’t display donations beneficiaries as seen above.


Besides supporting education, the couple also directed 21% of their 2015 total donations to Arts & Culture which is equivalent to $2.4 million. Before this, they had allotted $21 million during the launch of DeVos Institute of Arts Management located at the University of Maryland. And the rest of that year’s donations went to civic, churches, leadership programs, public policy, among other sectors.


The family also supports health care sector in its fight against cancer. They helped Spectrum Health Foundation to source qualified physician to help them in treating and researching childhood cancer.


Their support for leadership development programs is seen through $1 million donations in 2013 to Chicago-area mega church Willow Creek.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation


This foundation was launched in 1989 as a way of the DeVos’ family supporting the community through finances.

Dick has been instrumental in championing positive community changes. He co-chairs Grand Action, a group that has been in forefront driving changes in Grand Rapids. He also sits on the board of Grand Rapid Economic Club, among other organizations.


Betsy DeVos is also the mastermind behind the educational-choice program. She advocates for fair allocation of schools to children regardless of where they come from. She currently works as the secretary of education in the U.S


Whitney Wolfe Helps People Build Friendships With Trustworthy People Through BFF App

Bumble has made quite an impact in the online dating industry. One thing that it has done was introduce women to a new way of online dating. This has been carefully thought out by the successful and thoughtful Whitney Wolfe. For one thing, Whitney Wolfe is very observant. She is aware of the issues that plague online dating.

Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has made some adjustments to her app so that she not only makes it easier for women, but she also challenges the rules of dating so that things can be a little more free.

However, Whitney Wolfe did not stop at dating. She looked at something that is every bit as valuable as dating and relationships.


Whitney Wolfe CEO of Bumble has thought about friendships as well. Therefore, she has taken the time to think up an app that people can use to meet each other just to connect and support each other without any thought to romance. What she put together is an extension to Bumble called BFF.

Bumble BFF not only makes it easier for people to make friends, but also helps people find others that they can get along well with. Whether people have an easier or harder time making friends, one thing that is certain is that it can be very hard to know who one meets.

With BFF, people can read profiles of others that they might be friends with so that they would know if they line up well. One misfortune that could happen with people is if they run into someone who is just outright mean to them. Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble BFF app, helps to protect them from someone who can be very toxic to them. People need friendships so that they can grow and become stronger together. People need each other when going through life’s trials.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe:

Explore Tottori Prefecture With Kim Dao

Many travelers to Japan often spend all their time in big cities like Osaka and Tokyo. While those cities are undeniably awesome, there are numerous travel destinations in Japan for nature lovers. In vlogger Kim Dao’s latest video, she takes you to one such place: Tottori Prefecture (Japanese: 鳥取県). Kim entitled this video, “JAPAN TRAVEL VLOG: Tottori Prefecture | Explore Japan’s countryside


This video starts out with a mini-montage of all the major sites Kim Dao saw on her three-day voyage to the Tottori Prefecture. She says she was able to go on this awe-inspiring trip thanks to the company Odigo Travel. Learn more:


Kim Dao’s trip began in Haneda Airport in Tokyo. After she gets her Starbucks fix, she hops on a plane to Tottori Airport. She then rents a car at Tottori Station and starts cruising around the prefecture. Learn more:


The first stop on Kim’s tour of the region is to the sand dunes. Kim Dao says that the Tottori Sand Dunes is actually the largest desert-like area in all of Japan. Kim rents a ride on a camel to explore the sand dunes in style.


When Kim Dao wakes up in her hotel the next day, she decides to go to a nearby convenience store and stock up on foods and drinks. She says that the places she’s visiting today probably won’t have convenience stores, so she wants to be sure she won’t starve.


After she’s done shopping at Family Mart, Kim Dao jumps in her white car and drives to the Daisenho Farm. She films all the cute cows that are just chilling around this region. Kim then purchases “all you can drink” milk for $2.70. The milk served at this farm comes from the local cows.


On Kim Dao’s third day, she visits Shirakabe Dozogun and Machiya Seisuian. She also drinks from a natural water spring that’s high in radium content.

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End Citizens United Giving a Voice to the Weak

End Citizens United is a political action committee officially launched in August 2015. Its’ primary focus is on financial reforms. The group is supporting political aspirants who are for the campaign finance reforms and are against the citizen united. In 2010, Supreme Court passed the Citizen United decision that allowed unlimited funding by unions and corporate to politicians. The Name End Citizens United originated from that decision citizen united.


The End Citizens United are backing the Democrats because they are the ones who want the same outcome as them, to change the existing law. The policy director at the Sunlight Foundation, John Wonderlich says it is a long-shot as changing will require a win by two-thirds of the senate and the house. The fact that America has not changed any amendment since 1992 according to him, proves how hard it will be. Rick Hasen, a campaign finance regulation expert, and professor also agrees with him. However, Rick says the group is good for public awareness and keeps the pressure on the politicians and court. The group’s communications director Richard Carbo believed the thirty million dollars would go a long way to impact the house. The money could also be used to back the candidates by setting up campaign strategies like televisions ads to secure votes.


End Citizens United Goals

In just the first three months of 2017, the End Citizen United had raised over four million dollars. However, they aim to raise $35 million dollars before the midterm election for Congress next year. During the 2016 election, the PAC was able to raise $25 million dollars. Since it was the first election they were fully running, it was a good start. Currently, they have a hundred thousand donors and about forty percent of the donors are first-time contributors. These donors feel that the system favors those who can give a high amount of money. That they are the ones in control. To them, it is not fair hence supporting the End Citizen United so that the amendment can be reformed.


End Citizens United Policy

To support their stand, a donor is not allowed to give more than $5000 dollars to the group. End Citizen United spokesman Adam Bozzi said they had greater ties with campaign-finance groups. He claims they had collaborated with them to convince the Republicans who received donations from Betsy Devos not to vote for her on her nomination as education secretary. The Senate votes tied and the vice president had to break the tie and voted for her hence her victory.


End Citizen United aims at making the whole political funding different, to give a chance to those who do not have so much money to donate and to ensure that regardless of how much people contribute they can be involved in the decisions made.



Immigrant issues have always been thorny issues all over the world. However, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund started by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin is out to make the lives of immigrants and refugees easier. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is one of the foundations that is fighting for the rights of underprivileged immigrants and refugees. In America, other organizations have managed to rise despite the many challenges that they are facing.

About The Tucson Samaritans/ Los Samaritans

The Tucson Samaritans/Los Samaritans is an organization that was started by the Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson. The organization fights for the rights of immigrants and ensures that their journey across the border in is peaceful and safe.

The services that they provide include desert trips where they drop food and water for the immigrants who might be crossing the border. In addition to this, they also donate clothing, food, and water to the immigrants as they arrive in Tucson, America. They also provide deportees with phone calls.

For the safe passage of immigrants in the Tucson Samaritans purchase food packs, socks, water jugs, gallons of water, gasoline for the desert trips and repair cars with any money that well-wishers donate.

About No More Deaths/ No Mas Muertes

No More Deaths is an establishment that fights for the rights of immigrants. It is based in Southern Arizona and it was started in 2004 by various community-based organizations.

The organization’s main objective is to stop the numerous deaths and suffering of immigrants who are passing through the Mexico-American border.

Some of the ways that the organization is able to carry out its mandate include consciousness awareness, witnessing, providing direct aid to the immigrants in the desert, advocating for better immigration policies and laws and building a global movement. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In a bid to ensure that their objectives and aims are met, No More Deaths carries out numerous projects which include: Aid in Mexico: where they provide aid to deportees and immigrants in the northern Sonora area.

Aid in the desert: where they provide aid in the southwestern Arizona desert through providing food, water, emergency first aid, blankets, socks and other supplies and many others which ensure the immigrant is comfortable.

About the Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund

The Larkin and Lacey  was started in 2013 to fight for the rights of immigrants and civil rights societies in Arizona. The fund was started with 3.7 million dollars which was the settlement money paid to writers Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin by the Maricopa County for abusing their constitutional rights.

The two writers had written an article about how immigrant’s rights were being violated in Maricopa County. The article was published in the Phoenix New Times and as a result of this they were arrested and tried unconstitutionally.

Quality with George Street Photo and Video

After researching online for the best wedding photographers, I came across George Street Photo and Video. These guys are by far extremely talented and looking through their portfolio, you cannot help but notice how imaginative they are! They capture real moments, from smiles before the wedding to the tears of happiness during the ceremony. George Street Photo and Video Address NYC are my number-one choice when it comes to professional wedding, engagement, and reception photos. They take photojournalism to a whole new level. They take the time to get to know your style, and how you imagine your special day to be. Then they work with you to choose the right photographer to help you capture your style!


Warren Buffet Stirred A Debate On Investment Choices, And Tim Armour Offered His Thoughts

Warren Buffet offered some advice on investing in his annual shareholder’s letter recently. Having been in the field for a very long time, he based his arguments on the experiences he has collected over the years. He placed a $1 million bet that would go to charity if his predictions failed. In his perspective, he observed that investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund, one would reap more as opposed to investing in hedge fund managers. This topic has attracted a debate, and Tim Armour readily gave his insights. Tim Armour respects Buffet’s school of thoughts and regards him as best placed to advise Americans on the need of investing. He also agrees with the method of investing in low-cost stocks and hold them for a long time to realize returns.

Passive Index Versus Hedge Funds

According to Timothy Armour, risks associated with passive funds are not well known to investors and those who know them often underestimate them going by recent statistics. Many hedge funds incur a lot of management costs and sometimes they over trade, which gives long-run returns that are poor. In his opinion, the debate should not be about passive or active but rather about low costs and long-term investment returns.

Despite the traditional belief that passive funds are a more secure way to save for retirement, it is advisable to note that they are not favorable during down markets. Quoting his experience at Capital Group that has been in existence for 86 years with 18 equity funds, the firm has had an average of 1.47 percent annually above index rates. This cements his argument that for hedge funds, if an investor can identify good managers, then he will reap for sure.

About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is a prominent person in the capital market in Los Angeles. His training in economics gave him a headway start for his career. He joined Capital Group as a participant in the associate’s program and worked his way up to his current post of the chairman and CEO.

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