US Money Reserve: Inflation and How It Affects Us

An article from the US Money reserve reports that inflation is on the rise and it is going to have a huge effect on how we spend our money and how much we have left to save.


We’ve all heard our parents talk about Inflation, but what exactly is it and should we be concerned? Inflation is defined as a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. Essentially this means that what cost you $2 last year will cost about $2.42 this year. It’s not much when you think of it in terms of a few cents increase but multiply that by everything you would purchase in a year.


For instance, let’s say you typically spend $200 a month on groceries for you and your family. Over the course of a year, you would have sent $2,400. At the current rate of inflation which is 2.1% next year, you could be paying $2,450 for those same groceries. That’s an extra $450 which is easily a car payment, a credit card bill or a down payment on the family vacation. Over the course of 10 years, that’s thousands of dollars that could be going into your retirement account or that could be used to improve your standard of living!


No matter where you are in your financial journey, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on inflation and one of the ways we measure it is with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI tracks the prices of the things we purchase the most and reports the changes in prices over time.


Monitoring inflation becomes important as you plan big changes. If you are thinking of asking for a raise or changing jobs you want to consider the rates of inflation and what effect they will have on your income. Knowing that the cost of goods and service will go up 2.1% every year makes that obligatory 2% raise at work a bit useless. That’s what folks mean when they say their salary is barely keeping pace with the inflation. Inflation may affect how you feel about family planning. Knowing how expensive goods and services are and will become could affect how many children you’d like to have, where you are able to live, and where you can send your children to school.


Here are some other ways high inflation rates can hurt you:


  • Less Buying Power – I mentioned above how your money doesn’t go as far. You’ll be paying the same amount but getting much less for it.


  • Fewer Savings – Paying more for everyday items means less money for savings.


  • Higher Interest Rates –Inflation affects everything from credit cards to car loans to mortgage interest rates!


So how do protect ourselves against inflation? The best way to fight inflation is to live below your means and use a few money-saving tactics such as:

  • Growing some of your own food with a garden
  • Asking for a larger raise at work
  • Couponing and buying in bulk
  • Driving a smaller car or becoming a 1-car household


Learn more about inflation from the US Money Reserve at

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management, L.P. awarded Best Places to Work in Money Management 2017

For a second time since the launch of the Best Places to Work in Money Management award in 2012, it has been given to Highland Capital Management, L.P. Pensions & Investments, leading global news source for finance and money management, announced the winner of their 2017 award as Highland Capital Management, L.P. thanks to raving reviews that Highland employees gave.

Employees at Highland praise the company for its top-class health insurance plan, which covers 100% of health and dental insurance premiums not just for the employees but also for their dependents. The company also provides the staff with lunch, breakfast foods, and healthy snacks. Annually, it will also host a retreat that allows employees to have an educational and recreational experience for two days. Visit his website at

Co-founder and President James Dondero has stated that Highland’s perks and benefits are meant to allow employees to focus on their work without distraction. He claims that offering his staff a good working environment will help them to succeed. He believes that what attracts talented workers to his company is the opportunity to succeed and the environment that allows success, not just the perks that the company offers. Read more about James Dondero on

Alumni of the University of Virginia, James Dondero graduated with top marks from McIntire School of Commerce in Accounting and Finance and has obtained several certifications: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

In 1984 he started his career at Morgan Guaranty as an analyst. He worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst and after as Portfolio Manager at American Express between 1985 and 1989. From 1989 and 1993, Dondero aided in the creation of the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life, taking the company from zero to $2B. It was in 1993 when James Dondero, along with Mark Okada, founded Highland in Dallas, Texas. The company also has offices in New York, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Singapore, and Seoul.

Today, Highland oversees and operates a multitude of different asset classes and structures, including hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), mutual funds, and much more. Their client base is also very diverse, ranging from foundations, endowments, financial institutions, governments, high net-worth persons, public pension plans, and more.


The Life And Beliefs Of Logan Stout

If Logan Stout could live his life all over again, he would take time to appreciate each step that took him to where he is today. He has shared that he wishes that he had enjoyed the whole process of getting to the point that he is at a little more than he did.

His journey to get started as a businessman and an author and speaker was something that he went through quickly. He has shared that he would like to go back and enjoy the whole process as well as the people he dealt with along the way a little more than he did.
Logan Stout is the Founder of IDLife, a company that offers products that are made to fill the needs of those who are trying to live healthy lives. His company is meant to create products that other companies do not create and to make up for the products that are missing from other brands. He has shared that brainstorming is something that he loves to do, and brainstorming has allowed him to come up with a great idea for a company and with great products for that company to offer. He has done big things with IDLife.

People are important for an idea to come to life. As a businessman, Logan Stout has shared that he believes that the right people need to be involved in order for a concept to make it. He believes that there need to be good people involved in a project if that project is going to come to success. Logan Stout has shared that he believes that the better the people that are involved in something, the better the outcome of that will be. He’s also a philanthropist.
Logan Stout is a man with a strong faith, and he is someone who believes that a person should love abundantly. He believes that it is important for a person to give in a generous way and to live a simple life. He believes in praying every day, and he takes time to read his Bible and do that on his own each morning.

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Fabletics Aims to Take Fashion Away From the Atmosphere of Discouragement

One of the words that people would use to describe fashion is discouraging. Both men and women find themselves discouraged at what fashion has to offer. For one thing, many people do not know where to start with style. Even those who have a good idea of the style they want are going to be faced with the huge prices. This often leaves people discouraged that they don’t have enough money for the items they want. Then there is the merciless view of fashion that deals with those who dare to step outside of the norm with tons of ridicule and shaming.


When looking at all of the antics of people in the name of fashion, it is only natural for people to feel a little discouraged and to settle into what they have now. However, there are people who are feeling courageous about their clothing and are looking for something that is daring and challenging. This is where Fabletics comes in. This brand is designed for people who are a little more willing to express their own personal style. It is also for people who are hoping to explore their artistic curiosity when it comes to fashion choices.


Even those with a good sense of style and enough finances to handle it may be faced with a different kind of discouragement. One thing that people see modeling the clothes are those who are rather thin. When they see themselves in the clothing, they may feel a little more ashamed because they are not in the shape they want to be. This may cause them to feel unworthy of their style. Kate Hudson, one of the founders and owners of Fabletics is aware of the discouragement that larger women often face. Therefore, she has made Fabletics an all-inclusive brand in the name of the “body positive” movement that is going around.


Fabletics of the TechStyle Group has done a lot to take fashion away from a more exclusive and judgmental atmosphere to a more welcoming and encouraging environment. This is one of the reasons that it continues to grow as a brand.

Spotlight on Kate Hudson’s Take on Fabletics and How the Brand Leverages Crowd Power

In today’s crowded marketplace, brands have to be crafty in order to get and maintain customers. Fabletics and other savvy brands seem to understand the impact that the power of the crowd has on the purchasing decision of an average consumer. This is the reason why they are leveraging crowd power in a bid to improve the image they create in consumers’ minds as well as improve their sales. A large number of modern consumers are relying on reviews sourced from crowds of people to make up their minds on whether to buy a certain product or not. The modern consumer believes these reviews just as they would trust those from familiar sources. Savvy brands like Fabletics have embarked on exploiting this information to increase the popularity of their products and brand.


Increased Revenue


Leveraging crowd-power is highly rewarding going by the look of things at Fabletics. The company’s annual revenue grew by 200% and its paying membership surpassed the one million mark ever since its launch back in 2013. These huge achievements have been attributed to the brand effectively using consumer reviews. The brand’s use of positive user reviews has helped it increase customer purchases, customer retention and enhanced brand loyalty. A large number of consumers today take time to read the various online reviews available before they make purchases. Most consumers believe in crowd power than conventional marketing.


A good number of consumers read the reviews on a regular basis to check if there is any useful information whether positive or negative regarding a brand they are interested in. The information they get is crucial as their buying decisions hinges on it. Fabletics and a number of other successful brands have embraced the inclusion of crowd-sourced reviews in place of prices on their websites. Reviews are more important in today’s market than the price as they are more genuine and authentic leading to increased revenues by companies such as Fabletics. These reviews also offer better customer acquisition investment as well as improve their search ranking.


Brand and Product Improvement


At Fabletics, most sales involve repeat customers or those referred to the brand via referrals. This explains the reason why Fabletics responds to online consumer reviews in a bid to fine tune their brand and products. Fabletics uses information from these crowd-sourced reviews to refine its brand and products. This has made the company become more focused on its customers and more transparent in its dealings with them.


Kate Hudson’s Take on Fabletics


Despite Kate Hudson being an actress without any business background, she has been deeply involved with the company’s development and growth. She got involved with the operations of the company from the word go. She is involved in its designs and styles and understands the hot selling products and those doing bad.


Kate Hudson has assisted the company find a footing in the athleisure market by ensuring its products are of a high quality but at unbelievably low prices. She ensured that the company maintains an open communication with its customers at all times. Fabletics encourages its visitors to undertake a lifestyle quiz in order to find out the best Fabletics gear for them.

Hussain Sajwani Relishes His Business Relationship With President Trump

For a man who began his career in the oil and gas exploration industry, Hussain Sajwani has come a long way to reach the top of the luxury real estate industry in Dubai with a close working relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani and his family are well known in the United Arab Emirates for the success of the DAMAC Properties group and for the many good works he has completed as a philanthropist; however, around the world, Hussain Sajwani has only recently been discovered by many people through the close links he has formed to the Trump Organization headed by the current U.S. President. Learn more:


Entering the luxury real estate market in Dubai seemed a far-off dream for the DAMAC owner in the early 2000s when his chain of mid-market hotels was performing well with members of the former Soviet states. Dubai remained the target for Sajwani but an outdated rule barring foreign citizens from owning property in the city made thoughts of becoming a luxury real estate developer in the city a distant dream. A change in rules regarding property development opened the door for Hussain Sajwani to enter the luxury real estate sector and establish one of the leading luxury real estate companies in the world.


Hussain Sajwani has made the leap into the world of luxury real estate development’s elite in recent years because of his close association with the Trump organization. Sajwani and DAMAC Properties have already opened their first Trump-branded golf resort in Dubai which has continued the long history of success attached to the DAMAC brand in the Middle East. A second golf resort will soon open which has been designed by golfing legend, Tiger Woods and will also bear the Trump name backed by funding sourced from Hussain Sajwani. The move to The White House of Donald Trump led to an end of international business deals until the President completes his term when Hussain Sajwani has already stated he has a $2 billion real estate deal waiting for the New York real estate mogul and politician.

Why Both Public and Private Businesses Should Rely on Madison Street Capital for Investment Banking Solutions

Madison Street Capital is reputable for its service delivery strategies that focus on addressing investment-banking demands of the middle market. The company embraces an international approach when handling corporate finance issues. Through its corporate office in Chicago, the firm designs exit strategies for its clients and matches buyers and sellers. The corporate office also facilitates the company’s contract structuring and asset management activities.


Madison Street Capital also serves clients in need of quality wealth preservation and tax planning solutions. The investment banking firm relies on the analytical skills and extensive experience of its executives to offer these solutions. Madison Street Capital reputation relies on the effectiveness of these solutions. Clients who are in pursuit of financial reporting, price allocation, and business valuation services can also rely on the firm. Regardless of their geographical location, Madison maintains operational offices in Africa, Asia, and Europe to serve them.


Madison’s Notable Transactions


In the capacity of sole financial advisor, Madison Street Capital took part in DCG Software and Spitfire Group’s merger. DCG Software is reputable for its project support and software estimation services. On the other hand, Spitfire Group targets businesses with development projects and complex project management challenges. The two companies acknowledged MSC’s MD, Jay Rodgers, and CEO, Charles Botchway, for their professionalism in the transaction.


ARES Security Corporation is also among the beneficiaries of Madison’s capital raising and valuation analysis. The security company was recently in search of an ideal financing partner. Besides ARES Corporation, WLR Automotive Group also sought Madison’s capital raising services. WLR’s CEO, Randall Simpson, spoke positively about the transaction and the professionalism involved in the process.


Prestigious Awards


M&A Advisor selected Madison Street Capital as a nominee in several categories of its M&A Advisor Awards. The categories include professional services, strategic dealmaking, and boutique investment banking. The M&A Advisor also honored Madison for its financial advisor role during Dowco Group’s acquisition by Acuna and Associates. The institution operates with a goal of acknowledging executives and companies that work to transform the investment banking industry. Learn more:


About Madison Street Capital


With a steadfast mission to excel in the investment banking industry, Madison Street Capital serves both private and public business establishments. Its service portfolio includes mergers and acquisitions, financial opinion, financial advisory services and valuation services. The company understands that emerging markets present lucrative opportunities to the business world. Madison Street Capital focuses on addressing needs of businesses in these markets through its business-friendly services. Learn more:


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco Changes Leadership

Running a major business is difficult for anyone to do. There are few people who possess all of the skills required to make a positive difference in a large company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the type of person who has those skills. During his time with Bradesco, he implemented various changes to help improve the company.

Some other leaders at Bradesco decided it would be best if Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went somewhere else. Although he did a good job with the company, he also made some mistakes along the way. With the banking field changing every year, Bradesco needs to act quickly in order to replace him.

Leveraging Technology in Banking

Technology is a vital aspect of running any business according to Investing in new technology is not cheap. In addition, it requires a lot of time to get right. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had the vision to make Bradesco a company with a ton of great technology to offer customers.

Many young customers in Brazil want to use online banking more than traditional banking. These new investments allow customers to use online banking options with Bradesco. Many people believe that this will lead to improved sales in the years ahead.

Read more: Bradesco to choose board member as new president, says Trabuco

Employee Morale

Another area that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wanted to improve at Bradesco was employee morale. When he took over the company, it was quite common for people to leave within a few months of working at the company. Bradesco did not that employees well, and they also paid less than the industry average.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided that he wanted Bradesco to attract some of the best talents in the industry. Over the years, he was able to work hard in order to accomplish this goal.

Not only did he offer more benefits to employees, but he increased pay as well. At first, this came as a surprise to other leaders in the company. It would eventually benefit the company in the form of lower turnover and higher productivity from workers.

Small Business Owners in Brazil

Throughout his time at Bradesco being the CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi always wanted to help small business owners in Brazil. As the Brazilian economy improve, more people are willing to risk money in order to start a company.

However, few people have the cash needed to start a new company. This is why business loans are becoming so popular in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wanted to help small business owners with multiple loan options.

Future Plans for Bradesco

Bradesco is a company that is growing and doing well. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is no longer a part of the leadership team. The company needs to move fast in order to replace him as CEO. There are numerous candidates for the position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did a lot of great things for Bradesco. His leadership is something that many people in the banking industry admire. Some employees miss him being the CEO of the company.


The Growth and Accomplishments of Fabletics in E-Commerce.

The production of the activewear wear has been an emerging field in the fashion industry in the past few years. The clothes are designed to be stylish, fashionable, and quality. They can be worn to sports activities or as casual wear. Most people feel more active and comfortable when wearing them to the gym, when relaxing indoors, in the park, and when taking short walks. Top fashion designers are currently involved in the sector, and their presence has significantly improved the products. Many cloth lines have tried to venture into the business, but they have faced setbacks due to their high cost of their products and lack of design ideas. Fabletics is a top e-commerce website that has been in the industry since 2013. The firm was established by Kate Hudson who is a renowned actor and businessperson. It has been offering activewear that is top notch, affordable, trendy and stylish to women in all parts of the United States. The e-commerce company has been successful in the past three years that it has been in the market since its worth has grown about $250 million.


Kate Hudson and her partner started Fabletics as a standard e-commerce website that focused on offering athleisure wear. The enterprise has grown over the years, and it currently serves millions of subscribers in the United States. Its subscription service enables it to deliver products to its clients every month. Members can also browse the online store to buy clothes that they would like to own. The subscriber that use the company’s products have been increasing every year, and therefore, it has opted to establish physical stores. Fabletic currently owns 16 brick and mortar stores and 12 others will be opened this year. Many market analysts believed that it would be difficult for the company to penetrate the fashion industry since it was controlled by old enterprises such as Amazon. Amazon is one of the pioneer e-commerce giants, and it currently serves about 20 percent of the clients who buy clothes online.


The membership packages that Fabletics offers have made it stand out. It has been ensuring that it understands the needs of the customers to enable it to serve them well. The company asks a few questions that inform it on the preferences of the clients. Fabletics makes high profits because it uses multiple outlets in selling its products. “Reverse showrooming” has also been enabling the company to interact well with it long-term clients hence developing healthy relationships.


Fabletics is committed to ensuring that its customers receive high-quality products. It makes all its clothes stylish and trendy to exceed the needs of the customers. Hudson understands fashion, and she would like every woman in the United States to access the best clothes. Fabletics enables people to own customized activewear products at a cheaper cost than its competitors. Individuals who have registered as members purchase products from the brick and mortar shops stores at a discount. The online platform of the firm is easy to use, and therefore, one can register easily.

Nathaniel Ru Identifies With Fast Food Community But Seeks Alternative Route For Consumers

Nathaniel Ru is a business professional that knows about fast food, and he was also keenly aware of the way that he would change the fast food industry. It is no surprise that Nathaniel Ru has become as successful as he has. Within the last several years he has managed to actually create a buzz about Sweetgreen that has generated more than 98 million in venture capitalist from investors.


Nathaniel Ru has certainly been able to continue his success as a leader in alternatives to greasy and unhealthy food by creating a menu filled with low-calorie vegetables and fruit. It is possible for just about anyone to sell fruit and vegetables. This really doesn’t take a lot of skills. The thing that may makes Nathaniel Ru profitable is his ability to market Sweetgreen as a restaurant chain that is actually combined to make great ingredients into make great meals. There is also the sheer ability of Nathaniel Ru and his team to connect with people in the right way through different areas of technology and social media. Nathaniel did not hesitate to bring forth an app that would lure in the young millennials. He would also be able to connect with young people by creating a music festival that was centered around Sweetgreen and the items that are on the menu. There are even cool trendy meals that are named after songs that are inspired by rappers like Kendrick Lamar.


Nathaniel Ru proved himself to be a very successful entrepreneur that could carve out a whole new way to help people see fast food through the eyes of entrepreneurs that were bringing healthy meals to the table. Even though the menu items that are on the Sweetgreen menu may not look like fast food Nathaniel Ru still identifies his restaurant chain as a fast food stop. The meals are quickly prepared, and the prices are comparable to those that people would get from a fast food menu in a restaurant like Burger King or McDonald’s. The difference is that these fast food restaurants serve things where the core of the menu is based on red meats and heavy calorie fried products. What Nathaniel Ru is doing is taking a leap into what is considered alternative fast food with a number of items that are healthy with low calorie counts. This is something that is changing the lives of his consumers.


Connect with Nathaniel Ru on LinkedIn.