Securus Technologies System Detects Inmates’ Illegal Cell Phone Activities

For seven years, an ex-corrections officer named Robert Johnson has shared his story of what had happened to him one morning back in 2010. He worked at the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina, where his main duties were to confiscate any contraband packages and items that entered the building. One day Johnson and his co-workers had intercepted a large parcel that ended up containing about $50,000 worth of gang related contraband. Nearly two weeks later, a man had kicked in Robert Johnson’s front door as he was getting ready for work one morning. The man had shot Johnson six times in his chest and stomach. Johnson was lucky to be alive after that morning. It was soon revealed that an ex-con, Sean Echols, had been contacted by a locked up inmate that used a contraband cell phone to hire the hit on Johnson.


That wasn’t the only horrifying indecent that occurred, this has happened to a Georgian mother. Her child was murdered in her own arms by a hit that was ordered by several despicable inmates that made the call while locked up. The nation’s correctional facilities and prisons are quickly waking up to the fact that cell phones in the wrong hands are capable of destroying many innocent lives. Robert Johnson is on a mission to put a stop to illegal cell phone activities so stories like his won’t ever happen again. He now works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. Securus Technologies is the nation’s top provider of civil and criminal justice tech solutions, they have created an innovative solution for curtailing illegal cell phone use in our nation’s incarceration environments.


Securus’ new system is called ‘Wireless Containment Solutions’, it is designed to primarily detect and block any illegal cell phone activities within its stationed facility. This system has helped correctional officers across the U.S. find concealed contraband cellphones and regulate an inmate’s incoming and outgoing calls. There was a reported number of over 1.7 million unauthorized calls that were blocked in eight U.S. facilities in just one year. An inmate serving 10 years at the Evans Correctional Institution, Jose Ariel Rivera, had filmed a Facebook Live video of him holding a knife and it went viral. This wasn’t the first time that the inmate had been caught using illegal communications. Evans Correctional Institution could have prevented these embarrassing incidents if they had only used Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions.


Will GTL take the technology challenge from Securus technology?

Securus technology is one the largest providers of parolee tracking, detainee communication and government information management solutions. Securus techonology focuses more in specialized needs of the corrections and law enforcement societies. It serves 1,000,000 inmates across North America and 2,600 correctional facilities. Securus technology has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas united states and four regional offices in Texas.


Securus technology is dedicated to serve and connect by emergency response dispatch, mobile law enforcement, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, and information management, in-mate self-service, monitoring service and products and public safety.


Securus technology has challenged its main competitor, Global Tel Link (GTL) taking in an independent technology judge to determine who has the best and largest product set, who has the best customer service metrics, who has the most high-tech modern telephone calling platform and who has invested more.


Mr. Richard Smith, the chief executive officer at Securus feels that GTL’s technology and customer service can’t be compared to his. He wants the judge to evaluate products, customer service models and calling platforms.


Before 2007, Securus was an inmate telecommunication firm, it moved to a more diversified, government services, high tech and software content business with products in a vertical market. The move come from $700 million invested over the last five years on patents, technology, partnerships and companies. Mr. Richard said that GTL has only invested a small fraction of what they have.

Securus technology argue that GTL can’t match their firm because;

  1. Securus uses its own trained field technicians while GTL contract non-employees.
  2. Securus has its own bigger product set of useful services for the corrections sector.

iii. Securus has a call answer performance 600% better than GTL’s- Securus call center is staffed by Secures employees while GTL outsources its customer service.

  1. The VOIP platform software is upgrades are done routinely to enable new products/services to be distributed cheaply and faster while GTL’S premise-based older platform.
  2. GTL former customer indicated that Securus’ product and service are more superior compared to that given by GTL. GTL cannot match Securus technological capabilities. Securus want to take the business from GTL in the rate of $ 4:1.