Dior on the RealReal

Dior saddle bags have made huge comeback this fall season. This was partially due to controversial marketing ploy the brand played out on Instagram earlier this season. At the exact same time, hundreds of influences posted their “gifted” saddle bags online. They raved on about the new style, but they did not disclose that the bags were gifts. The media and consumers had a lot to say about this tactic, but the bag’s popularity still caught on with even the most discerning of buyer. It is not that hard to see why when the bags iconic shape and cute factor are so appealing.

The bag remains slightly unchanged from its predecessor, but the new version does come in bigger sizes. The RealReal carries both the older vintage and newer models on the website much the delight of consumers who may not want splash out full price for a trendy bag that has yet to prove itself one that will stand the test of time.

Depending on the style, the newer saddle bags feature a “CD” chain strap or multiple chains often in links or colored straps. The choice is yours when it comes to picking the Dior saddle bag of your dreams! Maria Grazia has brought new life to Dior accessories by brining the bag to the front of all her recent campaigns. You can see this in the most recent cruise collection shot with Jennifer Lawrence wearing the saddle bag in the center of the equestrian inspired looks.

It can easily be incorporated into anyone’s look for a fun purse that can easily go from day to night. The best thing is you do not have to break bank when buying one from the RealReal as the price will be much cheaper than if you were to buy it in stores!