Penelope Kokkinides’ Contribution to the Medical World

Penelope Kokkinides is presently the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare, a firm that provides Medicare Advantage Plans in America. She rejoined Innovacare in 2015 after leaving the firm to pursue other interests. She forms an integral part of the firm more so because she brings a great deal of expertise from her former jobs. Under the leadership of the firm’s CEO and President, Dr. Rick Shinto, she has overseen the growth of the company particularly on managing healthcare processes and operations. Consequently, she has dramatically improved the company’s efficiency and achieved significant success in developing the firm’s infrastructure.


Penelope Kokkinides has served in various institutions as an expert in managed care; she served as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Health Care where she was responsible for strategic direction for managed care; Chief Operating officer at Touchstone health; and Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. Notably, she developed the company’s health model at AmeriChoice.


As an advocate for quality medical care, Kokkinides was among the 8-woman panel that met with Donald Trump to discuss issues related to women’s health. While at it, she addressed the state of health in Puerto Rico, emphasizing the need for the government to prioritize medical care for the inhabitants of the island. Further, she urged the president to increase government funding to allow the people living in the island to access affordable health care. All these measures are geared towards making health care available for the vulnerable individuals in Puerto Rico.


Worth noting, Innovacare is the leading provider of health services in Puerto Rico; currently, more than 560, 000 individuals from the island are benefiting from its program. As part of its responsibility, Innovacare played a significant role in the recovery from Hurricane Maria that annihilated most parts of the island and caused the death of many people as well. Kokkinides is positive that the government will consider funding Medicare Advantage to ensure that Innovacare continues to offer medical care for Puerto Ricans. To achieve her objective of taking health care to a larger population in the island, she has convinced Trump administration to increase the budget allocation for Medical Advantage. Her sole purpose is to see that the people of Puerto Rico receive more or less the same medical care as the rest of the population in the mainland.


Sussex Healthcare’s New CEO And The Fantastic Offerings Of The Company To Those In Need

We always have to prepare for the worst. This is the reason why it’s usually helpful, practical and wise to take into consideration the necessary things and factors that are essentials we’re already retired. One of the companies today that can better take care of this with you is Sussex Healthcare.

The New CEO

There are reliable factors why Sussex Healthcare is one of the most outstanding healthcare companies in the world today, but right now, the company is especially promising because of its new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor.

Her duties already began as the health care company’s CEO last February. She didn’t start holding her position until she first took the orientation needed to familiarize herself with the rules of the company, its methodology and the right staff to know and get engaged with to proceed with the operations with much ease.

In fact, she has engaged so well with her position that she even started a collaboration with the senior management team to elect a new Director of Compliance, Quality, and Self-improvement. Such initiative would make sure that the company gets all the attention and traction that it needs to be ahead of the competition.

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The Services

For everyone’s benefit, Sussex Healthcare prides itself on offering a series of healthcare services that others can’t compare. Some of these offerings include 20 living and health-care centers for the elderly and people with neurological disorders. There are also centers for people with neurological disorders and people with severe physical learning disabilities. There are also treatment centers in the operations of Sussex Healthcare that cater to all people with various conditions.

It’s also reassuring to know that Sussex Healthcare is being staffed with quite some nurses, making sure that each patient gets all the care and quality service that they are paying for. With such nurses, it’s easy to understand how it is easy for these patients to get the time they need during reunions and family gatherings.

There’s also no worry for the family of the patients inside to find the right people and location to hold these birthdays because Sussex Healthcare is built with all these exceptional amenities in mind.

The nurses that are part of the workforce of Sussex Healthcare are also always so dedicated to offering their service, that they’re even now available for 24 hours a day. Honestly, there’s not a lot of healthcare companies out there that has the dedication and passion that Sussex’ workforce has.