Why Freedom Checks are Not Federal

You’ve been hearing all about freedom checks, but these checks aren’t federal. They have nothing to do with your tax refund. These are not Trump bonus checks either. These checks are the result of a tax-free investment opportunity. In fact, it’s assigned it’s very own special tax code. That’s right; it’s Statute 26-F. What does this mean?

The Statute 26-F has everything to do with energy related businesses and those who choose to invest in them. If you choose to invest in one of these energy companies, you could be well on your way to earning additional funds. Companies that are master limited partnerships are required to pay out bonuses to those who invest in them. The status of the master limited partnership gives you the ability to earn these tax-free checks.

The Trump bonus checks are altogether different. Those checks are nice to get, but they don’t require an investment to be made, but they are similar in nature to the freedom checks in that they are not tied to the government either. Trump signed an executive order in March of 2017 that would essentially give payments to those who were over 65. What’s the reasoning behind this?

Trump believes that the Obama administration imposed hardship among most people. Therefore, he wanted those who were on SSI and saw decreases when living expenses increased to receive that money. Those retirees would receive monies back to make up for those losses.

Either way, the freedom checks and Trump bonus checks are wonderful and they can certainly improve the lives of those who receive them. If there are extra checks available, wouldn’t you want to know more about them?

President Nixon was forward thinking, in that he wanted the country to utilize natural resources to increase it’s overall wealth.He also promoted that law, so that those who invested into these companies would be rewarded as they should. Freedom checks could help those folks retire who didn’t think it was possible.

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