The Many Sides of Dr. Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, M.D., Ph.D., is the founder of Seattle Genetics. This specific biotech company produces one of the most successful cancer-fighting drugs of all-time, and it has helped to generate over $300 million in revenue. This drug is known as ADCETRIS, and it is a targeted-cancer medication. Dr. Siegall has used his years of education to turn this drug into a success. Can you imagine the amount of time that has gone into developing this drug? ADCETRIS has a unique delivery system that produces progressive effects for fighting cancer. This drug will eradicate cancer cells by attaching itself to the cancerous cell. One of its best attributes of this drug is that it won’t make the patient sick. It would be very hard trying to find another cancer-fighting drug that can duplicate these results.

On the other hand, Seattle Genetics flourished in cancer research. The Washington-based company has been in existence since 1998, but things weren’t too great in the beginning. It turned out that Seattle Genetics was spending more than it was actually earning. This problem caused Dr. Siegall to go back to the drawing board. He, and his small team of associates incorporated a dynamic sales team to get the business back on the right path. This dynamic sales team knew the business from the inside out, and it possessed a strong background in biotech studies. Before too long, Seattle Genetics had started to close on many seven-figure deals and the rest was history. “Our dynamic sales team is the face of the company because these individuals played a key role in its success,” said Siegall.

Bigger and better things are certainly in the works for Seattle Genetics. The company also has an enterprise value of over $9.5 billion. The future of Seattle Genetics and the future of saving lives finally has some sustainability, and that sustainability is Dr. Clay Siegall.

The Philanthropic Financial Advisor, Madison Street Capital

Being an entrepreneur requires the interactions with various financial institutions for investment or partnership advice. According to the article, Napoleon Machine a company that provides manufacturing services was able to receive exclusive advice on finance from Madison Street Capital, an international banking, and investment company. The company consists of experienced financial advisors therefore, Napoleon Machine chose the right people in their need. The exclusive opportunity was announced by the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital known as Charles Botchway, facilitated by Barry Petersen the managing senior director and the vice president of capital markets known as Steven Richards. According to the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, the credit services that would be provided by the Sterling Commercial Credit will likely help in the expansion of Napoleon Machine businesses because, the credit will be able to facilitate growth of the manufacturing services including painting, assembling that is light, fabricating of metal and secondary services for different steel sizes. It will also help in future plans for the company’s needs by increasing their capital.


In addition, the president of Napoleon known as Kevin Febrey was grateful to Madison Street Capital because of their ability not only to advice correctly but to make sure they understood the company needs before offering their services which led to the right type of advice for knowing the client needs. It was clear that the Madison Street Capital knew exactly what the company needed in terms of capital which led to four times improvement in their production on the advice. The great impression they portrayed made the Napoleon Machine accept any future business with the financial advising company. The Napoleon Machine manufactures products for a variety of companies beginning from agricultural, aerospace, military defense, generation of nuclear power and transport. Additionally, they are privileged to produce highly engineered components such as missile launch and also great quality customized components for centrifuge frames, conveyors, and bridges among others.


The Madison Street Capital is a company widely known for investment banking with exclusive services from professionals employees in acquisition and merging of companies and providing corporate finance. Furthermore, it has its headquarters in Chicago and other branches in other continents of the world. It has also been known for its involvement in philanthropic activities which ensure that the people in the community receive employment or a means to generate income. Madison Street Capital has partnered with various charity organizations such as the United Way, which is involved in partnerships with schools and community business, including agencies from the government to help in funds so that they continue in growth. In conclusion, it helps families acquire economic stability to resolve problems in the society.


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