End Citizens United Giving a Voice to the Weak

End Citizens United is a political action committee officially launched in August 2015. Its’ primary focus is on financial reforms. The group is supporting political aspirants who are for the campaign finance reforms and are against the citizen united. In 2010, Supreme Court passed the Citizen United decision that allowed unlimited funding by unions and corporate to politicians. The Name End Citizens United originated from that decision citizen united.


The End Citizens United are backing the Democrats because they are the ones who want the same outcome as them, to change the existing law. The policy director at the Sunlight Foundation, John Wonderlich says it is a long-shot as changing will require a win by two-thirds of the senate and the house. The fact that America has not changed any amendment since 1992 according to him, proves how hard it will be. Rick Hasen, a campaign finance regulation expert, and professor also agrees with him. However, Rick says the group is good for public awareness and keeps the pressure on the politicians and court. The group’s communications director Richard Carbo believed the thirty million dollars would go a long way to impact the house. The money could also be used to back the candidates by setting up campaign strategies like televisions ads to secure votes.


End Citizens United Goals

In just the first three months of 2017, the End Citizen United had raised over four million dollars. However, they aim to raise $35 million dollars before the midterm election for Congress next year. During the 2016 election, the PAC was able to raise $25 million dollars. Since it was the first election they were fully running, it was a good start. Currently, they have a hundred thousand donors and about forty percent of the donors are first-time contributors. These donors feel that the system favors those who can give a high amount of money. That they are the ones in control. To them, it is not fair hence supporting the End Citizen United so that the amendment can be reformed.


End Citizens United Policy

To support their stand, a donor is not allowed to give more than $5000 dollars to the group. End Citizen United spokesman Adam Bozzi said they had greater ties with campaign-finance groups. He claims they had collaborated with them to convince the Republicans who received donations from Betsy Devos not to vote for her on her nomination as education secretary. The Senate votes tied and the vice president had to break the tie and voted for her hence her victory.


End Citizen United aims at making the whole political funding different, to give a chance to those who do not have so much money to donate and to ensure that regardless of how much people contribute they can be involved in the decisions made.